HR Emergency? 24/7 support

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Are you in the middle of a difficult HR situation and feeling out of your depth?

Our expert, Chartered HR professionals can assist you with any HR challenge from dismissing staff, frequent short-term sickness absence, long-term sick leave, under-performing employees and much, much more.

Once your immediate issue is resolved, we can offer a free HR audit to clarify any requirements and highlight potential future issues.

Examples of when employers need assistance include…

The competition keep poaching my top members of staff once I’ve heavily invested in training them. How can I prevent this from happening?

How do I manage a return to work meeting following long-term sick leave or an employee who is taking frequent short term sick leave?

I have one employee whose negativity and bad attitude is affecting the whole team. How do I manage this?

There’s a problem with underperforming employees within my business. What can I do to improve work performance?

One of my employees has recently walked out and has not returned to work. What are the next steps?

How do I dismiss an employee?


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